Modern Allo is a modern self-care destination with onsite childcare.

Modern Allo’s name is inspired by the word allomother (or alloparent), which is defined as an individual other than the biological mother, who temporarily helps care for offspring. Allomothering is common in elephants, many primates, dolphins, most whales, and many other intelligent mammals.

This concept of alloparenting is much a part of what Modern Allo is about. Parenting in the 21st century can feel isolating, overwhelming, and unsupported at times, and we really wanted to create a destination that helps fill the gaps, and allows for healthy recharge. Modern Allo is a fun, safe place for parents and children, that allows parents more time to do the things that nurture their own wellness. Whether that’s simply enjoying a moment of silence, enjoying a hot coffee, indulging in some pampering, or getting some work done, all while their children are safely being watched after.

At Modern Allo, we offer a gorgeous coffee bar, an inviting lounge area, a private work room, a conference room, modern manicure and pedicure areas, treatment rooms, and of course, on-site, supervised childcare.

We focus on nontoxic self-care, including 5-free nail products, and eco-friendly skin and body treatments so that our clients can enjoy a safe environment for themselves and for their children.

Vision: We created Modern Allo as a way for people to relax, pamper, or work, with a separate space for children to play with supervision. We believe there is immense value in supporting people, especially mothers, in having time and space to focus on their wellness, and to take a much-needed respite breaks.