Modern Allo is a modern lifestyle destination

At Modern Allo, we offer a gorgeous coffee bar, an inviting lounge area with free wifi, a private work room, a conference room, modern manicure and pedicure areas, treatment rooms, and of course, on-site, supervised childcare.

We focus on nontoxic self-care, including 5-free nail products, and eco-friendly skin and body treatments so that our clients can enjoy a safe environment for themselves and for their children.

Our name is inspired by the word allo-mother (or allo-parent), which is defined as an individual other than the biological mother, who temporarily helps care for offspring. Elephants are the perfect example of allo-mothers, utilizing their “village” to share in the caretaking of the calves.

Our onsite childcare is available to any of our customers, whether it’s for a service or just to sit down and have a coffee in peace. We are thrilled to offer a space that’s inclusive of mothers, but Modern Allo really is a community space for anyone and everyone, with or without children!