After taking time off from work to focus on raising my children, I found myself struggling to balance life as a mother, with finding time for my own wellness. For me, motherhood has been so incredibly fulfilling and beautiful, but has also, at times, left me feeling isolated and lonely. I realized there was a void in the market for parents, and especially mothers, who want to find a welcoming community to share in the joys and challenges of balancing life after children, where they can also get a moment of respite to focus on their own self-care. After years of contemplating the idea of creating such a business, my husband and I finally decided to take the leap and make it happen.

Vision: We created Modern Allo as a way for people to relax, pamper, or work, with a separate space for children to play with supervision. We believe there is immense value in supporting people, especially mothers, in having time and space to focus on their wellness, and to take a much-needed respite breaks.